I thought I’d take a moment here at the end of the year and share some of my favorite work from 2015. I hope 2016 is just as good. Happy New Year!

Let’s start off with the Model Shoots

And the lovely Brittany Powers

And then there was Fun in the Sun with Brenna Bentley, Candi Houston Perez, and Danna Sierra Lee

And of course, who could forget the amazing Shelby Lindsey jumping in for two shoots this year.


Had my first shoot with Lena Roxanne Bradford and man I can’t wait til she’s back in town for the next.

And then one of my absolute favorites of all time, Morgan Brooke McCarty blew me out of the water and into downtown for a fashion session

And last but absolutely not least, meteorologist and TV personality, Ella Dorsey did two promotional portrait sessions with me and knocked them both out of the park

On the Commercial front, I shot everything from pressure washers to boat accessories and mega proton therapy machines and tattoo artists and piercers

I got to hang out with two old friends I graduated High School (25 years ago) and make some promotional portraits for them (John Wilbanks and Jake Morrill)

Was wonderful to have my best friend, Candace Wilson and her family back in front of my camera

Shot an impromptu wedding and portraits for a couple just passing through downtown Knoxville and my first Same Sex Wedding

And who could forget how beautiful my trip to Maryland was for an old friend and fabulous model’s wedding? Cristina Parr rocked that dress!

And last but not least, I launched the Fine Art Series: Blast