eBook: The Art of Posing and Directing Women

Andy Armstrong introduces his third eBook, “The Art of Posing and Directing Women” – an expansion of the training and ideas found in his first two eBooks. This 114-page book boasts that it’s “everything you need to know about creating the very best images of women,” and through detailed explanations, images, diagrams, and real-world examples, it delivers.

The international award-winning master photographer delivers the goods in this eBook, providing insight into pose, pose progression, specialized posing (including his coveted head shot method), what to watch out for in poses, and how to fix those issues. With solid descriptions, working images, and real-world examples, Armstrong gives you the how and the why of posing women.

After some nicely crafted real-world examples of how the poses look in finished images, Armstrong moves on to simple, effective lighting by providing detailed lighting diagrams for several of his favorite “go to” setups. These are coupled with directions, tips, and actual examples of how the lighting setups look in actual images. Armstrong covers studio soft-portrait lighting, studio fashion lighting, studio ring light look lighting, outdoor + strobe lighting, and natural indirect lighting.

Once you’ve got all the posing tips and the lighting direction, “The Art of Posing and Directing Women” moves right into the real meat of what it takes to shoot with women by focusing on communication and direction. It’s hard to put into words what Armstrong manages to teach in this section, but it will literally change (for the better) your communication practices in the studio and on location.

In over twenty pages of information, Armstrong defines the aspects of communication and how you can use all the tools in your toolbox to communicate more effectively. He shows you how to use subtle techniques to enhance your skills and how to lead more effectively through words, body language, and hand signals. He continues by giving tips and tricks on what to avoid (like verbal tics and fillers, passive leadership, and being less than human) and how to avoid them. This section is absolutely invaluable to any portrait photographer, and Armstrong gives it the thorough treatment it truly deserves.

If you shoot portraits of women at all, you need this eBook. It will help you become the photographer you want to be. It will increase your skills and increase your sales. It’s that simple.

What’s in this book?

  • A standard “Pose Progression” that takes the guess work out of what to do next.
  • Standard poses with photographic examples, including: standing poses, sitting poses, kneeling poses, crawling poses, belly poses, side poses, and back poses.
  • Tips, tricks, & best practices for each pose, including how to avoid and fix problem poses.
  • Specialized posing with photographic examples, including: arm poses, poses with a chair, wall poses, boudoir bed poses, shooting from above, getting close, and stepping poses.
  • How to create Feminine Head Shots.
  • Simple effective lighting with detailed diagrams and photographic examples, including: soft portrait lighting, fashion portrait lighting, outdoor + strobe lighting, fashion ring light look lighting, and natural indirect lighting.
  • How to communicate effective with women.
  • Using sublte techniques to enhance communication.
  • How to lead people, including: using effective words, reinforcing your words with hand signals that work, avoiding verbal tics and fillers, avoiding passive leadership, giving feedback, and showing confidence.
  • How to get real with your female clients, including: using humor that works and avoiding humor that doesn’t, how to talk like a human, and how to lead effectively without being wimpy.
  • How to handle it when things go wrong, including: how to deal with problems, how to apologize, and how to actively listen to your clients.
  • Many, many real world, inspirational images to get your creative juices flowing.

In short, this 114-page is 45 pages of posing, pose progression, and specialized posing specifically for women. Over 20 pages of effective methods of direction and communication specifically for women. And, it includes lighting diagrams with examples and tons of tips, tricks, and best practices for shooting with women.

The book is in printable PDF format. You can print it out to keep as a real book or carry it with you easily on your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

The lighting diagrams are very detailed and provide real-world examples of what you should get for results.

Most guides don’t go far enough with teaching you just how to communicate effectively with your clients, but not “The Art of Posing and Directing Women.” It is chock full fantastic, detailed information that will help you effectively communicate with and direct your female clients and subjects.

What are people saying about the book:

“At $40 Andy Armstrong’s “The Art Of Posing And Directing” women is a steal! The section on communicating is worth the cover price alone but the section on pose progression is brilliant. Nobody wants to be cookie cutter but in order to be successful you need have to have a basic foundation in place. The most common topic I get asked about is posing and Andy’s take on pose progression will get you successful results time and time again. He covers a few simple lighting patterns that I can tell you first hand will get you consistent results.

If you are a beginner this book is a requirement. If you are a seasoned pro there is plenty of fresh ideas to make this book a worthy addition to your bank of knowledge.”

– Patrick McBride

Please Note:

This product is an electronic book in PDF, hi-res printable format. Your product will be available via email after your order is processed, and no hard copy will be shipped to you. Design House™ suggests that you immediately make a backup copy to cd/dvd after download.

Due to the nature of the subject matter of this eBook, overlap of information is inevitable. If you own the “Boudoir Posing Guide” or “It’s the Communication, Stupid,” some information will already be familiar to you.

eBook: It’s the Communication, Stupid!

Andy Armstrong’s, It’s the Communication, Stupid! is a 34-page illustrated guide to “Getting better portraits through better Communication.” This guide is available now as an instant download PDF eBook


Portrait photography isn’t just about mastering the technical and artistic skills necessary to make a good portrait. In fact, only about half of the skill set necessary to make great portraits lie in technical and artistic skills. The other half of those skills are firmly grounded in the ability of the portrait photographer to communicate effectively with the client, and without those skills, the portrait suffers. It never really adequately reflects the story of the client. It’s the communication, stupid – and it makes all the difference in the world.

In a sense, I was lucky. I took a meandering path to a career in photography. Out of opportunity and necessity, I worked as a corporate trainer for a Fortune 500 company, as a Call Center Operations Manager (with a staff of 100), and even as a Human Resources Director. I’ve been lucky to serve in leadership roles throughout my life. From high school drum major to executive director of an arm of a national campaign and from classroom trainer to founder/facilitator of an HR networking group. I have been lucky to receive training and gain real-world experience in the art of communication, and I have used that training and those skills over and over as a portrait photographer.

It’s the Communication, Stupid! shows photographers the importance of becoming great communicators and teaches the tips, tricks, and methods of effective communication that took me 20 years to learn.

34 pages of excellent instruction in the art of interpersonal communication, and it’s specific to photographers!

Includes Sections On:

Using Subtle Techniques
to Enhance Communication
People Want to Be Led
The Handshake Use your Words
Eye Contact Reinforce your Words
Learn Names Avoid Verbal Tics & Fillers
Learn to Smile Avoid Passive Leadership
Take the Non-Dominant Role Feedback
Get Real When Things Go Wrong
Humor Works Problems are not Problems
Talk like a Human Getting together to Solve an Issue
Eggshells aren’t for Walking Apologies Matter
Active Listening
Taking a Hard Line in a Soft Way

About the Author

Andy Armstrong is a 12-time international award-winning master photographer who makes his home in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since 2008, Armstrong has placed first, second, or third 12 times, including Commercial Image of the Year in 2010. His work focuses on portrait, commercial, and fine art photography. Armstrong regularly teaches workshops and webinars around the world. He is the creator and owner of Design House photography software for photographers and artists.

This is his second book on photography. The first book, Andy Armstrong’s Boudoir Posing Guide is a 40-page guide to directing and posing women in the studio and on location. It can be ordered at http://www.getdesignhouse.com.

If you’d like to see more of Andy Armstrong’s work or contact him, you may visit his photography web site at http://www.andyarmstrongphoto.com.

What are people saying about this book?

“Hi Andy, just bought the book, uploaded it to my ipad and took a quick peek at it. Thanks so much for sharing this knowledge with us. Some of these things may seem common sense, but when dealing with people we sometimes focus so much on the photos that we forget to communicate properly. This is awesome. Thanks again.” ~ Nathalie Minor

“Freakin love the eBook! Some of it is basic sales/interpersonal communication stuff that a lot of photographers really need to learn. It’s well worth the $$$!” ~ Randy Sartin


“…This book is unlike any other book I’ve seen in the photography community. This isn’t a marketing book. This isn’t a posing book. The subject of this book is probably the most important aspect of photographing people – Communication. Without good communication you are left with a nicely composed and well-lit image of a confused subject.

Andy gives you some great ideas on how to speak to people in order to get the best out of each of your clients – Using subtle techniques to help your clients be more comfortable with you. Using these same techniques have drastically improved my work over the past year. Not only that, it’s improved my ability to talk with my clients – to be real with them and get a real facial expression. I want my clients to see what others see in them on a daily basis, not some box portrait studio smile that’s fake and put on. I want them to see the real expressions they have with their family and friends. It’s the real expressions that give the images greater impact…”

~ Candace Wilson

Please Note:

This product is an electronic book in PDF, hi-res printable format. Your product will be available via email after your order is processed, and no hard copy will be shipped to you. Design House™ suggests that you immediately make a backup copy to cd/dvd after download.

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