I’ve been pretty lucky over the years to get to work with some special people from our local media here in Knoxville. Cheryl Scott has made a name for herself as a meteorologist in Chicago and Ella Dorsey who is now building her audience in Atlanta. This weekend, I had the opportunity to work with another up-and-comer, Brittany Bade. Brittany is a local reporter and TV personality, and she was a blast to work with. Thanks for being such a great sport on such a hot September day, Brittany.

Here are some of my favorite images from our shoot.

img_0051-copy img_0065 img_0069-copy img_0078 img_0086 img_0115 img_0129 img_0135 img_0139-copy img_0150 img_0166 img_0185-copy img_0202 img_0205 img_0208 img_0213-copy img_0221 img_0223 img_0251-copy img_0258