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So, you want to be an NFL Cheerleader?

That’s exactly what Marylyn Inman wants. It’s the dream she’s chasing as she graduates from the University of Tennessee, and I was glad to help her with it.

Marylyn needed a flattering head and body shot to send off with her applications to become an NFL Cheerleader. Hopefully the Houston Texans see this Vol’s talent and personality and get her on the field. Good luck, Marylyn.

Newcomer, Candace Weeks participates in Andy Armstrong’s Multi-model Session

While I shot with model, Candace Weeks briefly on a snowy day, this was the first real time I’ve had to do a session with her, and it turned out perfect. Candace was one of three models who participated in a multi-model session at a great location this past weekend.  Here are some of the images. Just click the big picture below to launch a lightbox gallery of images.

Special thanks to Stephen Mee, who came out to do makeup for the shoot, and to Candace Wilson who second shot and assisted.

Autumn in Winter

For the third time, I had the pleasure of shooting with model, Autumn Livesay this past weekend. She was part of a multi-model shoot at a great location. I always love working with Autumn. She’s a real trooper and a trip. She’ll make you laugh and drool all at the same time. Here are a few of the images from our latest session. Just click the big image below to open a lightbox gallery.

Special thanks to Stephen Mee for doing makeup for us and Candace Wilson for assisting and second-shooting.

Ashley Korte is crazy, sexy, cool – with voices.

For the fourth time, I had the opportunity to work with model, Ashley Korte. She drove up from Georgia to participate in a multi-model shoot in a great location this past weekend, and she definitely brought the heat – as well as a few “voices.”  Ashely does these crazy accents, and of course, I join right in. We always have a great time shooting, and we always get stellar results.

Here are some of the images from our session. Stay tuned. There are more to come. Simply click the big image below to launch a lightbox gallery of images.

Special thanks to makeup artist, Stephen Mee, as well as Candace Wilson, who second shot and assisted.

Sometimes the Implication is better than the show

What is sexy? I’m a firm believer that sexy is a tantalizing tease – a confident stare. It’s classy. It’s refined. It’s the idea that you might see something, but can’t. It leaves the viewer begging for more with an imagination running wild. As I write on my Fashion/Glamour Information page:

“Glamour isn’t about sex, but it can be provocative. Glamour isn’t about nudity. Glamour is about the tantalizing tease – that image that begs the viewer to ask for more, but doesn’t give it away. Glamour is about sensuality and eyes and longing looks, more than it is about the body. Glamour is my favorite form of photography, because I get to show a woman just how beautiful she really is.”

That’s why sometimes the implication most certainly is better than the show. Here’s a set of implied nudes from a glamour set I shot this past summer. I hope you enjoy the natural beauty and fantastic tease of them.