For the third time, I pulled Heather Conatser back in front of my camera – this time for a hotel shoot. Here are my favorite images from our session.

IMG_6990 IMG_7003 IMG_7012-copy IMG_7062-copy IMG_7098 IMG_7112 IMG_7139 IMG_7143 IMG_7177 IMG_7250 IMG_7284 IMG_7294 IMG_7295-copy IMG_7349 IMG_7356-copy IMG_7388 IMG_7397 IMG_7438 IMG_7451 IMG_7471 IMG_7481-copy IMG_7482 IMG_7496 IMG_7501 IMG_7559 IMG_7573-copy IMG_7611 IMG_7640 IMG_7705 IMG_7730  IMG_7747 IMG_7763a IMG_7814