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Editorial Illustration: Redneck Summer


So, I recently had the pleasure of working on part two of a personal project that I started years ago: Redneck Summer. Special thanks to model, Autumn Livesay and makeup artist, Stephen Mee (who created the perfect redneck makeup look – right down to the blue eyeshadow and lip liner). Here are a few of my favorites from the set. Click the link below to see all of the images.

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My favorite images from David and Meagan’s Wedding


Saturday, August 16th, I had the pleasure of capturing David and Meagan Burgio’s wedding. Here are my favorites from the day. Comments comments

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Your photography certification means almost nothing to potential clients


According to a recent (unscientific) Facebook poll, it’s clear: Almost no one cares about your photography certification, but you and other photographers. It’s practically meaningless in your client’s decision-making process. It’s your portfolio that matters to clients.

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Another question every bride needs to ask her potential wedding photographer


There are many questions a bride really needs to ask her potential wedding photographer, but there’s one question that is often overlooked, and it could make all the difference in the world. Here it is:
Are the images you’re showing me from a styled wedding shoot or are they from an actual wedding?

See, when you go to bridal shows or meet with potential photographers, they’re going to try to put their best foot forward by showing you their very best “wedding” images. You may notice that the word ‘wedding’ is in quotes. That’s because many photographers show you incredible images that never actually happened at any wedding ever. They were made in what is known in the industry as a “Styled Wedding Shoot.”

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Knoxville, TN Portrait Photographer, Andy Armstrong: Katie Noble Session


A few months ago, I shot a commercial session for local dentist, Talia Nutting. It was a great shoot, and that’s where I met one of Talia’s patients, Katie Noble. After processing her images, I just had to get her int he studio. She’s a one of a kind beauty, and definitely demonstrates that 30 is the new 20.

I finally got Katie Noble into the studio and on location for a session of our own this week. Here’s some of my favorites.

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